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The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Whiskers, a bean bag bunny, becomes the real Easter Bunny when he saves the life of his best friend, a little boy named Peter. When Peter gets a terrible fever, Whiskers, a brave little stuffed bunny leads the rest of Peter’s toys on a great adventure to find the Great Easter Egg, that has the magic to make Peter better.

The Red Shoes

Shari, a beautiful gypsy girl, dreams of one day becoming a prima ballerina. She falls in love with a wandering gypsy musician, who encourages her to follow her dream. She is accepted into the ballet company. She trades in the beautiful hairpin for a magical pair of ballet slippers that will not allow her to stop dancing!


Jesse is left alone on Christmas Eve by his father, an Air Force Colonol. Gabriella tries to cheer him up by taking him to Toyland, an enormous, fantastic toy store. He gets locked in the store for the night and the toys all come to life. With the help of his new friends, he leads a heroic rescue of his father whose plane crashed in the mountains. The Toys teach Jesse how to care for others on this very magical Christmas Eve.


Enter the lost city of Atlantis, it’s fabulous powers and untimely destruction. Princess Elan falls in love with the handsome Terra, a simple outsider. When her mother the Queen dies at the hands of the evil sorcerer Belial, Elan needs to save the city’s people from destruction, by rescuing the four powerful crystals of air, water, earth and fire.

Little Angels

A team of comical kid Angels come to earth to help children in need. Daniel, Amelia and their little brother Jimmy are left alone while their father goes to look for work. A sledding accident sends Daniel and his dog Scout out into a terrible winter storm to look for help.The Little Angels guide him and guard him and teach him that he is not alone.

The Emperor’s Treasure

Thomas, a modern day explorer falls back into time into the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu where he falls in love with the Princess Cori. There they battle the evil Imaru, to whom Cori was betrothed. Imaru and his goofy sidekick Omo try to destroy Thomas and Cori. With the help of a Puma Spirit Guide, Thomas and Cori journey to the New World.

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