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Golden Films is an American production studio that originated in the year 1993 with 80 animated adaptations of classic children's stories. Diane Eskenazi, producer, director and founder of Golden Films created the studio with the purpose of providing positive quality entertainment free of violence for young children.

The most well-known films from the studio were characterized by being adaptations of popular children's tales and also for their use of classical music from distinguished European Composers. The films have won numerous awards and many are considered to be classics. In addition to the animated programming, Golden Films has produced numerous award-winning live action films.

Awards include:

  • Winner International Family Film Festival
  • Parents Choice
  • Dove Foundation
  • Kids First!
  • Coalition for Quality Children's Media
  • Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence, etc

Golden Films are distributed in over 80 countries. In the U.S. the films have been distributed primarily by Sony and Columbia TriStar.

For more information, please contact: us: or 650 218-3000.

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